Monday, May 18, 2009

Fiskars BOM Challenge - My Parents

Had the chance to scrap another layout for my book of me.

When this topic came up I was so excited. I love the photos of my parents wedding and have scrapped some recently for my parents wedding anniversary on a canvas. This time however I was able to scrap a layout of their wedding just for me.

I love the way that my parents met and thought it would be appropriate to record the story for the future generations to remember.

Their meeting was a fairy tale really... My Dad was in hospital here in Adelaide suffering from 3rd degree burns to 40% of his body. He was burnt in a faulty shower on a school camp where he had taken his student. So the fairy tale begins with my mother who was nurse in the burns unit where my Dad was being treated. So as she was healing his wounds love blossomed. So sweet really. They have been together now for 35 years and play a large roll in my children's life as they had mine. Now I find it even more important for them to be around as my Dad is in early stages of dementia due to his epilepsy along with having many other ailments which have left my Mum as his carer. I have never seen a couple more dedicated to each other.

So here's what I created:

Products used:
Cloud 9 - Finley's Estate paper range

Thanks for looking, M x


Marisa said...

Gorgeous layout the story of your parents, it is memories like these that we should be adding to our scrapbook pages...

byclops said...

Hi Michelle...aww that's such a cool story about how your parents met!!

Looking forward to working with you over at Roll The Dice!!!