Sunday, June 26, 2011

Best Friends.. (well for now anyway!)

Hello Everyone,

Michelle here.

I have been madly scrapping away over the past few weeks that my poor scrap room looked like a bomb had gone off in it. I have bottles of Helmar adhesive ALL over my desk at the moment.. I don't think I HAVEN'T used any of the products Helmar

AND I had several layouts in various stages of completion all over it (about 7 at one time) and now that the back log of deadlines in coming to an end I have precut the next lot of layouts ready to go (another for next months deadlines. I like to stay on top of things with so much happening at the moment.

Anyway... all these layout required photos.. as some had been scrapped without the photo being printed but with on in mind... so I spent a whole day editing and playing around until I came across a photo of my younger two girls together.

Lately .. all I have heard from the two of them is that they are best friends.. yeah.. I hear you.. How cute hey!!! They putter around playing Mum and Daughter it is so funny to hear them chattering away.

So I just had to scrapbook about their relationship as it is now.. down the track I am sure they will probably want to pull each other hair out and go nuts at each other..

but this is one for now..

and a close up

I had so much fun playing around with an old cardboard box for this one. I have never .. yes.. I said NEVER.. tried that before.. But with a little help from my Helmar products everything is stuck so well.

By pulling some of the box apart it made a surface that was a little unstable to adhere things to.

However Helmar 450 came to the rescue. It meant that the card stock that I had embossed stuck without buckling and created a nice base to work on.

I love my Helmar Tape Runner for adhering layers of paper down. I am a bit of a more is more person when it comes to adhesives.. I tend to put LOTS of adhesive on everything so it will NEVER come off. However with the Helmar Tape Runner this isn't necessary.. once it is one it stays put nicely!

I was also able to create some great dimension using my favourite Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots too for the embellishment cluster. I so want shares in this products for sure.. I am guilty of having 10 of these tubes in my Helmar adhesive trolley... YES you heard me right.. 10.. I would HATE to run out when I need it.

Well.. better get back to the scrapping grind stone... my mojo is flowing Helmar so I had better get sticking.

TFL, M xx

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Connie said...

it looks fantastic!!!