Sunday, June 5, 2011

Getting Organised for Christmas - June 5

Hello all.

Just a quick post today as Sunday IS suppose to be the day of relaxation (hahahaha.. not in this house for those that know me well

Today while preparing food for a school party that is coming up in a few days I started thinking. Every year my children's classes hold a small party for the kids for Christmas. It seems though that the parties are always planned for the last week of school, which is only a couple of weeks for Christmas.

As most you you know I do baking and what not for Christmas gifts, so this time of the year before school is out can be EXTREMELY busy for me (last year we had to make 60 gingerbread trees and 60 gingerbread stars and that was just for school gifts and that was only with 2 children at school!!!!).

This year we have already decided on a few gifts.. though after making these little cookies today I have made the decision that these would make a great little gift or party food when the Christmas parties start this year.

I must admit I cannot take the credit for the idea. But I can give the makers at White Wings a HUGE kiss!! Sometimes it really pays to read their packaging for fun things to make with their products.

They are just a packet of White Wings Home style Splits. You then break them into four squares add a dollop of melted chocolate on top and decorate with a smartie. NOTHING could be simpler. The kids love them and they look good too. PLUS the kids can do them themselves too to give to their friends. AND there is no excess baking in December when the weather warms up too.

What quick and easy ideas do you have that you do for Christmas parties?

TFL, M x

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