Saturday, June 4, 2011

Getting Organised for Christmas - June 4

Hello again.

With the build up to Christmas being so busy taking family photos for the Christmas cards can be a nightmare.

For the past few years I have tried to get nice photos of the children all together to send off to all the family so they can see how much the kids have grown. Now this can be an absolute nightmare with four kids that's for sure. This year how ever I think I will try things a little differently. Rather that trying to get a photo of all the kids together (have you tried to get four kids looking the same way, let alone smiling!!), I thought I would just take my favourite photo of the kids throughout the year and then use that as the Christmas photo.

I find that sometimes the more natural and spare of the minute snap shot is so much nicer that trying so hard to get the perfect shot.

This is what I mean...

This was our Christmas photo from a few years ago.

It is unedited.. and it took a lot of editing in the end to get it to be usable.. however I just had to use it as firstly this was the third day we had tried to take it, secondly the kids were over it and lastly I had taken soooo many I was over

Now these are photos I took on Christmas day last year.

I only found them about a month ago. They were all caught all on the hop. I am soooo happy with them and after seeing them made me rethink how I take the Christmas photos this year. Yes .. I will kinda plan the photo process but let the kids be kids and take it from there.

Do you take a family photo for Christmas ???

Have you got any tips you might want to share ??

TFL, M x

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