Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Getting Organised for Christmas - June 6 and 7

Hello again all.

Will all the goings on on the blog I thought I would leave the posting to cover two days till today.

Today I thought I would give you a little food for thought in regards to wrapping ideas.

Hand cut snowflakes on brown paper

from The Happy Home Blog

Beautiful paper holly leaves

from Marcella Treybig Photography

Some great homemade wrapping ideas for the kids to make

from The Kleenex Mums

Absolute must do gift bag

from Scrapbook.com

As you can see the possibilities are endless IF you give yourself enough time. This is one of the reasons I start now so there is now mad rush at the end of the year.

What ideas do you have for wrapping presents to give away to others as gifts?

TFL, M x

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