Monday, October 15, 2012

Love Canvas

Hello everyone.

Michelle here from Adelaide, South Australia here to share with you what I have been busy creating.

Just recently I was lucky enough to be able to head up to Townsville in  the northern part of Australia to visit someone who is very special to me.

When I was planning my trip I decided that I wanted to be able to give a little gift as a memento of my visit. So with a little help from some of my favourite Helmar goodies I got creative.

While I was creating I had to bear in mind that I didn't that I didn't want what I was creating to be too girly. I also wanted to play around with many textures and decided to create a canvas.

I created my first dimensional layer on the base of the canvas using my napkin and Helmar Acid Free Glue wash technique (1 part Helmar Acid Free Glue to 3 parts water). Then it was a matter of white washing the napkin base when the napkin layer was adhered and dry.

I then used a plastic laser cut template and some texture paste to create another layer of dimension to the canvas. Once the texture paste was dry I was able to paint the texture paste with some iridescent gold H20 LuminArte. I then added a layer of Helmar Krystal Kote Fixative to seal it all till I put on the next stage.

Then with a little bit of help from some Helmar Krystal Kote Fixative I was able to then add multiple layers of both water based and permanent ink without the worry of them smudging and smearing at any stage.

Once I was happy with all the base layers I had created for my background I then gave the whole base a coat of Helmar Krystal Kote Matte. This helped to seal it all and also too any shine from the Helmar adhesives out to create a complete matte background.

Then the process began of adhering and layering my title and the embellishments.

Now being a canvas, which had multiple layers and mediums on the base, I wanted to make sure that the embellishments stuck hard and fast. So with a bit of help from some Helmar 450 this process was quite easy. I even found that I was able to adhere my metal flowers (mwah to Rae Cooper for these beauties) with ease.

Now to finish off this canvas and give it the final touches I adhered some dew drops to the centre of my metal flowers using some Helmar Gemstone Glue. It dried nice and clear so that the metal of the flowers was able to shine through the clear dew drops.

Now it was a bit of a labour of love waiting for a few layers to dry, but ultimately with a bit of help from my trusted Helmar adhesives I was able to share some loving around.

I know that my gift will stand the test of time without things falling off thanks to some great Helmar adhesives.

Why not have a play around with some Helmar products yourself and see what you can create for someone special in your life like I did.

TFL, M x

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Sandra said...

Michelle I love it and it was worth all the waiting for layers to dry.