Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Colour Me Happy Challenge - Day 12

Purple Doll's Dress

This is the last of many things purple that I have found around my house.

This doll was given to my eldest daughter, Jhane, for one of her birthday's. We started a porcelain doll collection for her when she was little and have given her many dolls. This doll proudly sits on a wrought iron chair on our entrance niche. I see her every time I come in the front door or go upstairs. She is quite a large doll and sits here because Jhane has run out from to display her in her room.

Believe it or not the doll's hair was originally blond.. Jhane's Grandparents dyed the dolls hair so that the doll looks like Jhane. The doll has the most stunning blue eyes also.. just like Jhane does.

Wonder what the colour will be tomorrow.
Have you been checking the Fiskars blog to see what everyone has been coming up with ?

Cheers M x

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