Thursday, August 20, 2009

Colour Me Happy Challenge - Day 20

Green Outback Jack Croc Drink Bottles

Aren't they just so cute. My husband did a job recently at this place and brought a drink bottle back for all the kids. Very sweet of him.

They seem to be all over the house when the kids are home. The absolutely love them.. even Jhane, who is 11 years old.. hers travels with her daily to school!

We had to write their names on the bottom so we knew who's was who's. Which was great cause it has helped with Kiah, who is two, and seeing what her name looks like.. she checks the bottom of the drink bottles now to see if it hers.. quite cute.

Wonder what the next colour will be. Don't forget to check the Fiskars Blog tomorrow to find out.

Cheers, M x

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