Friday, August 28, 2009

Colour Me Happy Challenge - Day 28

Orange Packet of Photo Paper

Just something that I seem to have an abundance of around my house. I seem to have so much photo paper that its not funny... I print all my own photos so have paper in A4 and 4x6 on hand all the time... no matter whether it is glossy, premium glossy, matt, canvas, photo sticker.. I have it here.. Well.... you never know what I might need to print on when I am scrapping away. that's the theory behind why I have so much anyway.. and I'm sticking to

Almost coming to the end of our colour chasing.... I wonder what the last colour will be. Better check out the Fiskars Blog tomorrow to find out.

Cheers M x

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annette said...

Great orange finds Michelle. I would love to know what sort of printer you have. Will have a chat via email when you have a minute if thats okay? Been lovely having you play along for the colour challenge month. Ax :0)