Sunday, August 16, 2009

Colour Me Happy Challenge - Day 16

Blue Fiskars Apron

Takes pride of place on my scrapbooking desk. I have a few different Fiskars aprons thought this one seems to be the one that I grab for. I have only started to wear an apron while scrapping.

My daughter Kiah now come upstairs to the scrap room to play and draw while I scrap. After a few bad texta incident's I got her a smock to wear while drawing.. seeings as how she has taken a fancy to my gel pens ! So now when she wants to draw I tell her to put her smock on.

This is how I came to wear my apron... she thought if she had to so do I... promptly get told to put my smock on when I go to scrap now ! Gotta love two year olds.

Check in tomorrow for a new colour on the Fiskars Blog.

M x

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annette said...

Hi Michelle, just catching up on what you have been up to!! You're still going with your colours, ;0), been great having you play, ta! I am impressed if that is the lego that your 5 year old is putting together, thats amazing!! I must say i am an apron girl, i have a few different ones that i have to wear cause i am a grub and wipe my hands all over my clothes, just like the kids, lol!!Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Ax