Sunday, August 16, 2009

When the Seasons Change...

We all loving visiting the family farm here in our family. The freedom that the kids have that they just can't experience anywhere else is truly amazing. I find it relaxing trying out a different lifestyle for a weekend. Getting up and feeding the cows with the tractor, taking the dogs for a run, riding on the quad bike, planting trees by the 100's, and going for long walks are many of the things that my kids do while we visit. They love being able to do all these things that's for sure. poor Nana and Pops get bombarded as soon as we arrive to take them out to visit the cows before they even say "hello" properly !

I love being able to both record what the kids enjoy about the farm plus record the many season changes that they are able to see in a different form on the farm. Being able to see the cows having calves, seeing the effect of the drought, knowing what to do when the fire season is about, and when is the best time to replant trees for wind breaks. It is different in the city as we see the season changes, but in a very different way to how they do in the country. I love the fact that my children are able to experience this.

Cheers M x

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